Message from Department of the 2020 US Census

The Decennial US Census has started; Response Lagging in our town!

On March 12, the online portal and the telephone bank at US Census opened for response. To date, millions of households have already responded to this critical questionnaire, which will determine how 675 billion dollars each year is allocated to the states.  As of April 1, response rates are as follows:

National:  36.2% Vermont: 29.4% Stockbridge: 7.2%

As you can see, Vermonters are responding at lower rates than the nation.  Residents should not wait to receive a form.   In fact, you can respond from the comfort of your home without ever interacting with a census taker!

You have two options: First, you can go online at and complete your Census quickly and securely. The first question will ask for a 12-digit number; if you have not received that yet, just skip the question and continue with the rest of the form.  If you prefer not to use the internet, you can call, toll-free, 844-330-2020, and speak with a live person who will take your information entirely over the phone.  There are only nine questions on all census questionnaires, so this will take you no more than 10 minutes!

Meals on Wheels, Medicare, school funding, transportation planning, and first responders all rely on the numbers that the Census produces.  Make sure our area is counted, completely and accurately, by being proactive and responding TODAY!

Thomas T Simmons, Partnership Specialist Windham/Windsor Counties VT Sullivan County NH U.S. Census Bureau (802) 491- 7856 Shape your future. START HERE>